Snake’s Update: Saturday Night Smackdown Wrap

With the reoccurring frequency of a menstrual cycle, comes the DLC Crew’s monthly duel to the death between members with Leaderboard points up for grabs as all attempt to stop Dawg and Moops from taking the title, and claim prizes ever so generously donated by DLC. Once again the 25th of September saw the DLC Crew jump in to Battlefield Bad Company 2 for fortune and glory. Five members played on the night, being Moopidoo, Sidawg, Adin, Adz and Snake. Moop and Dawg teamed up as a squad and the rest of us made up the second squad.

The night saw Moops take out maps 1 & 4 with Dawg countering with map 3 and Adz map 2. Bad net connections saw Dawg and Adz drop out of Map 1 for Dawg and Map 4 for Adz. This unfortunately lead to them coming in last place for those rounds respectfully.

With all maps played, the final tally was Moop 20, Dawg 16, Adz 15, Adin 13 and Snake bringing up the rear with 8. [Not another evening of Snake kebabs was it mate? – ko-zee-ii]

With two rounds left to play, it has come down to a close contest for first, the board stands at:

Sidawg                  162
Moop                    153
Adin                       111
Kozeeii                 95
Snake                    60
Itchy                      50
Guin                      49
PSI                          45
Northy                  44
Adz                        29
Nyyus                   22

The next round is on Saturday the 23rd October at 8:30pm AEDST, and we’re hoping for a larger turn out. Once again Battlefield Bad Company 2 will be the game of choice with a bit of Medal of Honor afterward. So fire up your PS3’s and join us for a bit of mayhem and chaos, and put the screws to Dawg and Moops and make them work for the title.

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