Screens: Killer Arkham City pics with Harley Quinn money shot

As information begins to slowly trickle out about Arkham City, the sequel to the successful Batman: Arkham Asylum, I can’t front. I’m excited! The original was a stellar game, though let down by familiar boss battles, a few glaring omissions from the Rogue’s Gallery (now rectified in the sequel) and the crappiest of craptastic final fights against the Joker. Arkham City is ready to up the ante and we can’t wait to gets our hands on it. Until then, we’ll have to make do with some renders and screens, from those fine folks at the franchise’s new home, Warner Bros.

We kick off with this sexified Harley Quinn render. Gone is the spectacular Bavarian Beer wench outfit for a more streamlined leathery look.

Oh Gotham… You light up my life

Hope Spider-Man’s legal team don’t see this pose

Well Boy Wonder, there’s always time for a quick Bat-Bungie to release some tension

You’re gonna die, CLOWN!

It’s the only way to fly… err… zip… err… SHUT UP!

I now pronounce you husband and wife… I’m also available for funerals and Bar-mitzvahs! Tell your friends.

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