Screens: Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Hive

This week DLC has been doing all things Deus Exy, after checking out a double dose of demos on Tuesday and giving you guys the nuts and bolts of it on this week’s podcast (audio found here or revisit the Live feed here), a rare thing happened. All three of us are in agreement, and psyched. Yep. Josh, Nachos and myself all believe that Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be a killer kick start to next year. The buck don’t stop there though. We’ve just got our mitts on some sexy new screens of the Hive nightclub and a firefight just afterward you may have seen featured in the cinematic trailer doing the rounds.

After negotiating your way past several suitable douchey bouncers you make your way to the VIP section.

Here, you meet up with Tong who depending on how you play it, gives up information to set you on your way to the docks.

After dispatching some light-weight guards this puppy comes straight at you.

Once you put him on a leash things go from bad to much much worse… and that’s where we left the action. What a cliffhanger, aye? So how do you guys think it’s shaping up? It is on your watch list on not? Tell us below, we want to know!

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