Review: Fight as Great Sage equal of Heaven in Enslaved

After hearing literally nothing from Ninja Theory since Heavenly Sword, the last few weeks have had them retake centre stage. With the launch of the Monkey magic inspired Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, coupled with the announcement that it’s helming the new Devil May Cry reboot (see the story here) they are all over the radar, and deservedly so. I’ve always felt Heavenly Sword didn’t get the kudos it so rightly deserved. Ninja Theory bring real acting and brilliant mo-cap to the fold, succeeding admirably where overhyped titles like Heavy Rain failed.

Sticking to what they do best Enslaved: Odyssey to the West has amazing acting, addictive combat and some of the most emotive characters I’ve ever seen in a video game release. For more detail check out our exclusive interview with Ninja Theory head honcho Nina Kristensen here.

“Heading up the motion capture side of things is the brilliant Andy Serkis, who both directs the sessions and plays Monkey. The attention to detail is amazing, with the relationship between Trip and Monkey complex and wonderfully human. Lindsey Shaw is a find, and the frailty she exudes is quite touching. As Monkey, you want to take care of her and help her complete this odyssey.”

To get the rest of my impressions head on over to GameArena and check the review in its entirety by clicking here…

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