Review: Chastise evil’s butt in DeathSpank Thongs of Virtue

Usually if a sequel hits the Live Arcade and PS Network mere months after the original’s inception, we’d smirk knowingly, thinking cash-cow and not expect a whole hell of a lot. The original DeathSpank (check out my review here) was an unbelievable amount of fun, coming to you at a bargain basement price. Now that Thongs of Virtue has been released, we can tell you that this is no quick grab for cash. Nearly double the length, it maintains the same irreverent tone, is full of whimsy and an absolute blast to play through, all at the same budget price.

Here’s a bite sized nugget of my review posted on Telstra’s GameArena.

“Dishevelled, gaunt and weaponless, we find our hero in a WWII internment camp, peeling potatoes, musing on his situation. Armed with his mighty potato peeler of justice, he seeks to escape the camp (disguised as an orque), recover his weapons and enter the fray. After some classic comedy ala Hogan’s Heroes, he escapes and meets up with the same gingernut fair maiden. It appears that there were six thongs created to watch over and protect mankind. DeathSpank has one, the Lord Von Prong another, three more are known, and have corrupted their users, and one remains missing….”

Would you like to know more? Click here for the full review!

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