Review: Bruce Willis and Karl Urban go head to head in RED

We like mixing things up here at DLC, and as many of you know, we don’t all just work in the video games industry. We branch out.  I happen to write for Australian Penthouse as well, reviewing games, movies and porn and interviewing all manner of stars and starlets… sigh. It’s a tough life. One of the perks is I often get a sneaky peek at feature films and review them for Penthouse’s website. I’ll be linking them from now on as it has come to my attention that gamers may sometimes watch movies as well, and even like looking at a naked chick every once in a while.

RED is a new action flick starring a slew of veteran actors across the board (as these pics illustrate).

Helen Mirren is a definite surprise, and not the most obvious choice for a Wetwork specialist.

It doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and has a certain sense of whimsy to it. Here’s a sample of my review.

“Gone are the days when a comic book movie would elicit a mass groan, as fans leave the cinema in droves scratching their heads in disbelief. Those moments are now reserved for The Last Airbender. More recently, a throng of directors have stepped up to the plate to deliver solid, extremely watchable films such as Kick Ass, The Losers, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, while remaining true to the source material, and RED is no exception.”

If you want to check it out in its entirety click the (NSFW) link here…

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