News: The United States invades rawDLC!

With a list of brilliant contributors and fantastic user reviews and opinions, DLC truly feels blessed for the support. We’re all about the community and you guys have made the journey thus far a hoot! This month we celebrated passing 10,000 visitors and 50,000 hits overall, and for only being around a few short months, we’ll be honest, we’re stoked. Now we have new cause for celebration. One of our longtime buddies from the States, and my Borderlands co-op bromigo is now our correspondent to all things wild and wacky from the US of A.

We are, of course, talking about Inglorious Brad from the Movie Fan House (links to the right of this piece). Brad is a keen gamer, movie fanatic, and as the above picture proves, bears a striking resemblance to John Cusack and is a right bastard in one upmanship. Here he is with the gorgeous Avellan twins from the soon to be released Robert Rodriguez film, Machete. We’ll be throwing up his first post shortly and from now on he will be forever known simply as The Yank.

Welcome aboard Brad!

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Dave Kozicki

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