News: Pigsy gets a shot at a truffle fuelled escapade!

One thing we all agree on here at DLC is that Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is one helluva good game. Even with the audio catastrophe of last week’s show, the review of this stellar title remained intact (check it out here). Just when we’d almost gotten over basking in it’s glow, Ninja Theory hit us up with the bonus plan. Ever wonder what your favourite little glutton was up to before he, Monkey and Trip, like, saved the world? This newly announced DLC, Pigsy’s Perfect 10, features a whole new bag of tricks as Pigsy takes down the opposition as quickly as a bag full of truffles.

Since this new outing focuses on Pigsy, the rules are a little different. He ain’t no brawler like Monkey, so he relies on stealth, grenades, his grappling hook and long range sniping on his quest to find the right bits of scrap to fashion himself the perfect women. Don’t forget his cybernetic eye unleashing Trouble Vision or smarmy sidekick Truffles either.

Not only do you get a dynamite dose of DLC, but this download will also enable the entire Odyssey to be experienced in 3D, if you’ve got a 3D enabled television! Enslaved was cool already, but this new DLC just made it that much cooler.

Expect Pigsy’s Perfect 10 to be out later this year, and be sure to check out the announcement trailer above.

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  • Glenn Hanlon

    As opposed to just having some co-op in Enslaved and including these characters in the first place.