Launch: Dead Rising 2… better late than never

OK. So we may not be the quickest off the mark (well, that’s my excuse anyways), but I found these pics from a scheduled Dead Rising 2 launch piece I’d planned to write, but with an Australian 360 magazine to wrap with Nachos (on sale mid November) something was bound to slip through the cracks. A few weeks back THQ had an event at Bondi Junction Westfield Cinemas to celebrate the release of Dead Rising 2. It was a combined media and public soiree with slews of THQ honeys all looking suitably undead as were their awesome PR counterparts.

The night kicked of with a super sneak peek screening of Resident Evil Afterlife in 3D. The less said about that the better, but it did set the tone for the booze, zombie-broads and buffet that followed. In typical THQ fashion, there were tonnes of consoles for punters to have a whirl on, the beer flowed freely and all journos walked away with a copy of the game on their platform of choice.

The cream of the crop of Australian gaming were there with Patch and Naz from IGN Australia on the far left, Luke from Australian Gamer, Josh and myself representing DLC and James from Good Game on the far right. Oddly, not pictured was Sir Nachos Justice who, I assume, was off giving some of the undead ladies something to chew on… true story.

As usual, it was a great night and props to THQ legends Hoops, Oxford and the lovely Miss Candi for giving us another quality reason to venture outdoors and embrace the night.

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