Weekend Opinion: Best weapon in gaming

Due to popular demand we’re bringing back the weekend opinion section, kicking off with what do you think the greatest weapon introduced into the gaming world is. We’ll monitor comments to keep the discussion going, but when the weekend ends, so does this. The point of this column is to give everyone a chance to openly discuss their love of gaming and comment on your favorite parts gaming culture, and maybe even change a few peoples minds while you’re at it. We expect a (reasonably) civil tone and if you want to argue, you must have valid counterpoints attached or your post will be removed.

Everyone has that weapon. The one that you hold above all others. The one that when things look bad and the odds are stacked against you, it gives you a fighting chance. We’re not limiting it to projectile based weapons either. Swords, axes, the more obscure, the better, just back your choice up. So guys… what’s your weapon of choice?

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  • thrillho64

    Lancer from Gears of War. What other weapon not only has a good firing rate, quick reload and a decent range, but also lets you hack apart your enemies when they get too close?
    My second choice would be the Gauss Rifle from Fallout 3.

  • Anonymous

    For me I’d have to say either AWP from counterstrike or the Spaz 12 in R6: Vegas.. AWP for power and accuracy, Spaz 12 for head shots from 500m .. Brutal!

  • Frozencry

    The Storm Ruler Sword from Demon’s Souls.

    Seriously, the moment I used that sword, my jaw dropped and I went all giddy. Couldn’t believe what it actually does with just a slash.

  • Anonymous

    I would have to say any of silenced handguns or assault rifles from ‘Splinter Cell’ would be my choice as I am more of stealth guy. Also loved the Torque Bow from Gears and the Shrink Ray from Duke Nukem. :P

  • Anonymous

    What .. does it do?

  • Frozencry

    Well, the demon lord you fight when you find it is Storm King. He’s a giant flying electrical Manta Ray that fires giant lightning bolts and launches a fleet of smaller manta rays at you. Crazy impossible to fight with a sword it seems, especially since he’s the size of the fucking mountain and he flies.

    Then you realise that the Stormruler sword when used, charges energy from the skies and then launches a massive sonic blade through the air, literally deafening all other noises around you, slashing everything in its path clean in half and ripping through the ground making dust fly everywhere.

    Example of it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUcLGqm6eXI

    One of the many reasons why Demon’s Souls was my 2009 GOTY.

  • Frozencry



    A large sword with a thorny, spiraled blade.
    Now abandoned and most of its power lost, it seems that it once dominated foes, but in an area with ancestral spirits or a monolith forest, you may be able to see its past sky-cutting power.

    One of the many reasons why Demon’s Souls was my 2009 GoTY.

  • Rob Wolven

    Nothing seems better than shoving a cat on the end of a riot shot gun…. and some how using it as a silencer. Yay Postal 2!! ^.^

  • Man

    lancer is teh awesome

  • Anonymous

    OMG yes! Dude, as crap as it will be I really want to play postal 3 so I can play with the badgersaw!


  • thrillho

    Any of the useless objects in Dead Rising. For example: diamonds. They do nothing, but are super fun to use!

  • Northy179

    my top 5:

    5) [Halo3] Spartan Laser, its just fun and really satisfying when you line up the perfect line of destruction
    4) [Prototype] The arm blade, pure slicing power and looks badass
    3) [Crackdown 2] the magnet mine thing, i’m never going to get bored of it… ever
    2) [Turok 2] Cerebral Bore, nothing funnier than firing this thing at someone and watching it saw in to their brain before exploding http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CaiXVbFZXI
    1) [HL2] The gravity gun, technologically fun as hell and infinitely versatile

  • Anonymous

    Cerebral Bore…
    Dude, I loved that gun… that sound still makes me cringe!

  • Anonymous

    Oh and another addition, The powered up gravity gun that you can use on people!

  • Snake

    The med gun from KZ2. Nothing like med gun battles with a group of mates

  • Stubby28182

    holding the shotgun in DOOM 1 for the first time ……. that was a life changing moment but when you got the CHAINSAW …… words were said that made my mum take the game off me for a month. True story

    Latter day though … the heated frying pan from DEAD RISING 1, the holy handgrenade from WORMS 2, the swarm attack from BIOSHOCK 1 and the darkness from …. well … THE DARKNESS all make me smile sadistically everytime. Ah good times, good times

  • Anonymous

    Mr Crowbar meets friends.

  • http://twitter.com/Kalisynth Kali

    when all else fails… the rocket launcher.

  • Anonymous

    Flak Cannon.
    The end.

  • Frozencry

    I raise to you my Shock Rifle.

    74% average accuracy on the Shock Combo.

    Though I also raise you my respects, as the Flak is indeed all kinds of “FUCK YEAH”.

  • Skotejay

    shark gun from armed and dangerous if only it had lasers also