Weekend Opinion: Favourite storyline of last generation

As the week draws to a close, and the weekend looms, we here at DLC would like to help ease you into your days off with a thought provoking piece that leads you to fondly remember classic moments in gaming. As you wind down in the office at beer o’clock, cheekily checking your emails, Facebook and favourite gaming website (ahem, www.rawdlc.com), we want you to cast your memory back to last gen, back when story was a strong component as the technology hadn’t caught up as it has now. Some titles just stick in your craw and still have a profound effect today.

Something about Beyond Good and Evil just stuck, and I’ve been waving the banner for it ever since. Forget about the sublime graphics or cinematic interactive cutscenes, open world, or varied gameplay, the deep conspiracy based plot had me from the twist onwards. Are you shitting me? A government conspiring with an alien menace, dealing in human trafficking and lying about it to the general populace? Every piece just fit perfectly. Jade as a reporter, using her camera to uncover and unmask those behind it this dastardly plot, a cohort in Alpha Sector (the planet’s security force) wanting to uncover the truth, it was unbelievable, and the fact they wove a multitude of gaming styles around it was sheer genius.

So what about the rest of you? Got something that tops Beyond Good and Evil?

Want to get on a soapbox and voice your opinion? Jump into the comments below and do your thang!

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Dave Kozicki

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