Video: New 10min gameplay trailer for Bioshock Infinite!

Some of our regular DLC-Live viewers will remember our discussion section a few shows back (Episode 8) about the first teaser trailer for Bioshock Infinite. Some of you also may remember (in the usual Josh fashion) I was a little underwhelmed by what seemed to be a new setting for another Bioshock revival. Well, just like with Mafia II, 2K delivers an amazing example of why I should have more faith in them. If you haven’t seen this trailer yet, find a quiet place, take 10 minutes off and watch what I’m calling the best trailer so far this year!

When watching this try remember to take in the almost unbelievable switch between gameplay and cut scenes. Note the great lighting and animation work they showcase. Also, remember that while the game is playing the ENTIRE city is moving (this will probably only amaze programmers). This would honestly crash most game engines, so credit to the developers for that.

Lastly, don’t forget we here at DLC are all about interaction. So when you have finished watching the video please regale us with your thoughts in the comments field below…

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  • Anonymous

    wow the video just plays with you’re head a little. Can’t wait to have a go of the game.

  • thrillho

    cant wait. I’ve gotten excited about Bioshock again after losing all interest from playing number two.