Video: How to play Time Crisis… the “Wong” way

Many of you may already know of him and are fans of his work, considering the number of hits his YouTube channel gets, or have seen his amazing gaming abilities, but to me, he was just “random American-Asian dude” I saw in a forwarded link. His name is Freddie Wong, he’s an aspiring filmmaker, dab hand at Guitar Hero and produces some of the most brilliant gaming inspired streaming videos I’ve ever seen. His YouTube channel is rife with killer videos piss-taking classic gaming conventions, all with his trademark little smirk and eye for detail.

Somehow he’s managed to enlist Aussie actor (and I use that term loosely) Andy Whitfield, from Spartacus Blood and Sand, to be his co-op partner in this brilliant homage to Time Crisis 2. This is one of the best around, and take note of the all too familiar bickering about who’s responsibility it was to take the guys out in the middle.

This one goes out to Jay Beazy, my Time Crisis 2 partner in crime… you take the left side, I’ll get the right, OK?

Watch and enjoy!!

Pure unadulterated genius!

If you dug that, check out his ode to “Rocket Jump” below. He posts a new video each week, and we’ll try to get the most gamer-centric one’s up here.

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