Video: Devil May Cry reboot by Ninja Theory? FUCK YES!!!!

I’ve made it no secret, my love for Ninja Theory. They bring smoking hot redheads and hardcore action into the mix, with a healthy dose of spellbinding motion captured acting, too boot. What’s not to love? So, while I’m champing at the bit to break down my recent Enslaved: Odyssey to the West gaming experience to you all (review will be up as soon as embargo lets me) imagine my surprise to see an announcement that culminated in my jaw hitting the ground and a massive erection. Ninja Theory is helming the new Devil May Cry reboot. BOOM!

As the sexified trailer below depicts, it’s a whole new ball game, with a new look Dante and a more “street” feel to it. We’ll be hitting up our friendly THQ reps to get the lowdown ASAFP, but until then, sate your appetite with the teaser…

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Dave Kozicki

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