User Opinion: Confessions of a StarCraft addict

After a fantastic response to his opinion piece, (The allure of the FPS genre) we let fan fave QuesterX run amuck and expertly break down his Starcraft II experience.

Disclaimer: So some of you would have read my recent article which was an opinion piece on FPS gaming. In the article I stated that, without knowing it, I had become an FPS gamer. I related this to the way in which the new generation of FPS games were reaching out, grabbing me by the scruff of my imagination and shaking me… in a good way. And yet here I am writing about StarCraft II.

All I have to say in answer to any of the inevitable questions about how I could say that FPSs are the best thing since sliced bread and then spend 30 hours playing StarCraft II over two and a bit days is that I am a human and therefore riddled with complication.

Satisfied? I don’t care, because here we go!

StarCraft-athon: No such thing as ‘too much’

On 26/07/10 I, and two friends, ventured into Sydney to attend the midnight launch of StarCraft II. I had taken the next two days off, which was the single geekiest (and BEST) reason ever given at my work for annual leave. I didn’t lie either. So when the incredibly attractive girl who sits behind me asked why I was taking two days off I told her, straight up. Luckily I never had a chance of any form of nudity-related transgressions with her but even if I did I was too excited to care.

At 20 minutes past 27/07/10 I had it in my hands and by 1.00am I was playing. Seven hours later I fell asleep at my keyboard.

My mate and I both had time off for this and our plan was to enjoy the campaign together; starting missions at the same time and, where possible, taking different routes to each other to ensure that the entire thing was explored. We both played until the sun came up, then we woke up 3 hours after going to sleep and, with Redbulls in hand, got stuck back in. By 2.00am on the 28/07/10 we had both finished the game and crashed into our respective sleeping positions.

From the above you can draw the conclusion that I am a bit of a StarCraft fanboy. You would be correct. The original game is, in this writer’s humble opinion, the greatest RTS of all time. Nachos and I differ on this point, and I respect the opinion that RTS as a genre has moved away from resource (macro) management to minimalist (micro) management styles of games but I don’t agree that this is inherently a good thing. An argument for a different time perhaps. [Nachos: Future argument challenge accepted.]

You can also draw the conclusion that someone who was willing to take two days off work to play a computer game is somewhat bias. Also correct.

However, anticipation does not make a good game and just because the original StarCraft was fantastic doesn’t always ring true for a sequel (e.g. The Matrix). With this in mind, and while having the first StarCraft carved indelibly into my mind as the model RTS game, it was with great trepidation, a large dollop of excitement and a dash of girlish giggling that, on the 28/08/10 at 10.:30am I clicked ‘multiplayer’ and dove in.

The first part of QuesterX’s multiplayer review will go live tomorrow.

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