Saturday Night Smackdown – Leaderboard Comp Round 5

[Disclaimer: Before we let Snake do his thing, with a round up of the latest Official Leaderboard match, I’d like to apologise for overwhelming slackness to the DLC Crew for taking so long to post this. I was having some formatting issues and let it slide, and then got caught up in the numerous projects I’m working on, but that’s no excuse. Bad Dave!!  – ko-zee-ii]

Snake…. SNAKKKEEEE!!!!! Take it away buddy.

Saturday night once again saw the DLC Crew members jumping into some Bad Company 2 for the Saturday Night Smackdowns. This time the all important leader board points were up for grabs.

Seven crew members played and as we were on the same side, the rape-age of the other side was long and deep.

The squads were as follows:

Squad A consisted of Sidawg2, ko-zee-ii, PSIress and Northy179. Squad B was Moopidoo, Adin75 and SnakeAUS.

Out of the 4 rounds, both Sidawg and Ko-zee-ii shared the number one slot for two rounds. Round 3 saw Sidawg score an amazing 49 kills with the sniper rifle, which in hindsight explained why the rest of us stood around defending a base against an enemy that never showed up.

With double points for the leaderboard on offer this round.

The results were as follows:


sidawg2      56

Moopidoo  52

Adin75        48

ko-zee-ii     48

Northy179  36

PSIress        32

SnakeAUS  22

itchy_soul   21

With only 4 rounds to go in this year’s comp, it looks like it’s a fight between Sidawg and Moopidoo for first place.


sidawg2                115

Moopidoo            108

Adin75                  79

ko-zee-ii               65

Guin564               49

PSIress                 45

Northy179            44

SnakeAUS            43

Can Sidawg defend his crown and take out the leaderboard comp two years in a row, or will someone put the dawg down. Only one thing is certain, sitting at the top of the table you can be sure there are more than one set of crosshairs on you Sidawg.

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