Review: Shank… get stab-happy south of the border!

As we discussed on this week’s DLC-Live podcast, our feature review was the bloodthirsty downloadable arcade title, Shank. Josh and I had differing opinions and Nachos was out, retired hurt. I more than dug the Mexican influences, the atmospheric score, the ridiculous enemies awash in a sea of blood. It simply oozes character and is just the right level of frustratingly addictive platforming hack-slashy fun. Those of you on the fence about this one can check out my in depth review and I hope I can sway more than a few of you to give Shank a whirl.

The review went live on GameArena this afternoon and here’s a wee sample.

“Don’t let the fact that it’s an animated title fool you. Shank is as blood-soaked and down and dirty as you can get. Surprisingly, you play the role of stab-tastic lead, Shank in this classic tale of revenge. It’s been five years since his former brother in arms killed his beloved and left him for dead at the behest of kingpin Cesar, and now it’s time for some payback!”

Would you like to know more? For the full review, click here…

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