Video: Bioshock: Infinite teaser

As promised on the LIVE show we have embedded the new teaser trailer for Bioshock: Infinite (previously Project Icarus) for your viewing pleasure. For those that didn’t watch the show this week myself, Dave and Nachos discussed this with wide and varied opinions. Check it out and give us your thoughts.

The series has left its well established underwater environment and instead, headed for the clouds. The new sequel is set  in Columbia, a beautiful floating city held high in the air using giant dirigibles. The game takes place in 1912, with your character, Booker DeWitt (a former private detective) hired to seek out and locate a young girl named Elizabeth. She was last seen on the flying wonder before it disappeared in 1900, after its unveiling as a traveling “World’s Fair” type of attraction. The city, long thought lost, has been located and DeWitt has set off to infiltrate Columbia and find the girl.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, same old same old. Bioshock Infinty does have elements very similar to those behind the original games, but as mentioned by Nachos on the show, this is still just a teaser and with a new engine in tow, it may be worth cutting this game a break. At least till we see more footage.

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that it looks amazing and holds true to the creative tone and design that Irrational Games are revered for.

So what’s your take on this? Is this a reinvention? Or just a re-stickered version of the last two titles?

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  • Anonymous

    More like Bioair. Nah, I really do think they should call this game something else, and stop raping the bioshock series.

  • Stubby28182

    Let’s face it, the most important character in bioshock 1 and 2 was Rapture itself. So irrational games won the rights to bioshock, woo-hoo indeed is in order, but they are changing everything about the game to the point that it’s just not bioshock anymore. The only theme still intact is the isolation of the location and how leaving it’s limits is more dangerous than staying. I agree with popshot, CALL IT SOMETHING ELSE!!!!