Review: Can Earthworm Jim HD get you hooked again?

As DLC continues its shameless invasion of every website known to man, an old school classic rears its ugly head and demands we take it for another spin. Earthworm Jim, that lovable loony character that “wormed” his way into our hearts in the mid-90’s (I am The PUNisher!) has recently hit both XBLA and PSN networks in glorious high definition (hence the “HD” in the title). How well does this surprisingly challenging platformer hold up, now that it’s fifteen years after the fact?

It definitely hearkens back to the controller snapping good ol’ days of platforming difficulty, and has a ridiculous and irreverent tone that doesn’t take itself even a smidge seriously that is both welcome and missing from many of its current gen counterparts, but I’ve droned on long enough. I’ll let my GameArena review whet your appetite.

“If you’ve never played Earthworm Jim in any of his incarnations, I feel for you. Truly… To the uninitiated, how could one describe the overall experience? Imagine a midget monkey on acid gallivanting about with a typewriter and that’s about as cohesive as the plot gets. As for how it plays, think about an ex-girlfriend you had that started out all as rainbows and puppy dogs and then turned drastically into a bunny boiler and you’re on the right track.”

Mmmmm. Doesn’t that just twixt your nether regions! For the complete review click here…

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