Opinion: Flogging a dead horse – Red Dead’s epic failure

For Rockstar to make better games, things have got to change. What’s that you say? You love the near flawless GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption? How could they possibly make them better? Well, turfing those rose-coloured glasses would be a start. Modifying industry perception would be another. I’m often vilified for not having a blind love affair with Red Dead Redemption, and happily call out its flaws, of which there are many. That’s not to say it isn’t a great game, but it’s far from perfect, and here’s why.

Let me start with a couple of disclaimers. Usually, I don’t give a crap, but considering the topic, I want readers to understand my motivation for writing this piece. This is not to inflame fans or lovers of Red Dead Redemption, nor is it an attempt at starting a troll war or sensationalism or a grab for easy hits. This is not so much a dig at Rockstar as it is a dig at the perception of any title they release. The piece was born from my frustration at trying to discuss the pros and cons of the title and being met with blank stares and unflinching resolve at its supposed ‘perfection’. There will be major plot spoilers, so if you haven’t finished Red Dead Redemption yet, cease and desist now!

From the moment the hype machine rolled into town with Red Dead Redemption attached, I’ll admit. I was pumped. Hell. It was the first Rockstar title since Chinatown Wars that I was genuinely excited about. Are you shitting me? An open-world game in a Western setting with ‘Dead-Eye’ shooting mechanics? I nearly jizzed in my pants several times just at the thought of it. For once, I thought, I’ll believe the hype. Then my review copy arrived. I ripped off the plastic threw it into my console and prepared to be wowed. And I was, initially. Then the bugs abounded, then the glitches kicked in, then I noticed the mission structure, bad voice acting, incoherent plot and don’t get me started on the laughable, so-called “twist” ending.

As a professional games reviewer, it is my job to report my entire experience of a title in question and give an unbiased account of my experience. That’s what I do, 24/7 (or 24/6, I’m Jewish and we rest on the Sabbath). It often irks me that certain developer’s games seem to almost come with a disclaimer to let any negativity fall by the wayside because it’s Rockstar, or Bungie or Infinity Ward. That’s just not cricket. I call them as I see them, and give you the warts and all story; and here’s my experience with Red Dead Redemption.

It’s buggy. Pause for dramatic effect. Yes. It is. I experienced nearly a dozen system crashes before I finished the single-player campaign, and that’s from a promotional finished copy. I had the entire contents of my in-game wallet disappear for no apparent reason. I had audio drop out during vital cut-scenes and had to replay the final Bill Williamson mission THREE times as the game froze the moment that I sent him to meet his maker. Are these deal breakers? No. Of course not. But they DO have to be mentioned as it destroyed any feeling of immersion and dragged me out of the game world. Any other title gets crucified for such flaws, yet Red Dead Redemption gets a free pass. Why? If this was Volition’s Saint’s Row Redemption, you can bet your arse they’d get called out and marked accordingly. Hows about levelling the playing field?

The mission structure. What’s that you say? It’s not GTA Horse? Really? I see little difference. You start a mission, talk to someone for ten minutes as the bipolar lead rabbits on about either (a) how grateful he is to no longer be a criminal and is atoning as such (b) wants to get back to his family (c) threatens to kill the accompanying character (d) listens to said accompanying character drone on about some useless piece of information, all the while travelling to your destination. Upon arrival you must either kill everything that moves, follow someone or steal a wagon/horse and head back to a waypoint.

If you’re unlucky enough to die early on, you are rewarded with having to endure the entire journey AGAIN, with the same useless kind of dialogue and artificial lengthening of the experience. Why not have a mini-checkpoint once you arrive at your destination? Surely it isn’t that hard to do, right? I recently had an argument on this very point, and was met with the response, “Well, who does that anyway?” Not good enough. I’ve had this gripe with the last three GTA titles, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Don’t force us to relive your supposedly “Oscar worthy” dialogue, a simple cut-scene skip button press will suffice.

I felt no empathy for the lead, or his plight. While the rest of the industry appeared blown away by the lead John Marston, his character and situation evoked the softest of meh’s as far as I was concerned. I was listening to peers in awe of the storytelling and how groundbreaking it was. Really? When Marston isn’t threatening to kill anyone and everyone who looks at him funny, he’s nothing but a bitch, running around doing massacre missions for whichever lawman or Mexican stereotype just fell out of the cliche book. His constant whining about his family might have had more weight if we were treated to a two second cut-scene early on in the game, perhaps seeing his family kidnapped by Edgar Ross or anything to help flesh out the backstory.

Instead, you need to wait until the last few hours of gameplay to make a connection with your loved ones, and what is your reward? A son that mouths off constantly to you, and the joy of replaying an hour or two of missions exactly like those you played in the first few hours of the game. What. The. Fuck? This is innovation? The story had reached a natural climax, with our hero riding of into the sunset returning to his homestead. How is this not a perfect ending? Instead we get an “amazing” twist…

The twist. I’d heard rumblings of this Keyser Soze, “I am Tyler Durden”, Ben is Glory, genius twist, and was amped with anticipation. Let me be the first to say… it was shit. I didn’t buy it, I didn’t like it, and it destroyed my entire experience with Red Dead Redemption. So let me get this straight: I’ve just spent 20-30 hours slaughtering half of Mexico and the United States under the guise of bringing my former bank robbers in arms to justice at the behest of the US Government, just to get back to my ex-whore wife, good for nuthin’ father-in-law and a disrespectful son? Worst of all, now, as the dust has settled and my so-called normal life has returned, my former boss Edgar Ross decides I’m a loose end and brings the entire US Army to wipe me out?

Let’s just say I could stomach all of that tripe, but the way that Marston goes out, is like a bitch, plain and simple. He expertly shoots down fifty or so soldiers, then tells his missus and kid to, “Gwan and get lost in the mountains,” sees thirty or so soldiers through the barn doors and decides to exit stage left Butch and Sundance-style? It didn’t move me to shed a tear at the futility of his efforts. I’d listened to him blab on about how his family is the most important thing in the world to him, and now that he’s trained his son and is completely at peace, he’s entirely comfortable to rest in peace? It did shock me though. It shocked me that this was the unbelievable twist that others had so highly praised. It was out of character, sloppily written and besmirched whatever tenuous connection I had with the lead.

Adding insult to injury were the filler missions for your son to ‘avenge’ your death, culminating with an entirely predictable and bland shootout with Edgar Ross by the riverbed. By that point, Red Dead Redemption had well and truly jumped the shark. I felt insulted and disappointed but more astounded that I was the only one seeing it for what it is. I could have taken all the glitches and sloppy plot with a grain of salt, up to Dutch’s death, but from that moment on, I lost any interest in Marston, his family, or anything else in Red Dead Redemption.

It’s this caveat mentality that has me up in arms. I want to be clear. I still enjoyed my time with Red Dead Redemption, and think the multiplayer and co-op aspects are brilliant; but it is by no means a perfect game, a 10 or even a 9.5, and I’m sick of disclaimers at the end of reviews that read as such, “You may get some glitches or bugs, but that’s entirely acceptable in a title of this calibre”. No, it fucking isn’t. I heard the same crap when GTA IV came out, and it wasn’t until six months later that the gaming community acknowledged that perhaps it did have some flaws and wasn’t the second coming.

By calling everyone out and judging all equally, developers will hear our cries for improvement, and not rest on their laurels, hopefully leading to every new sequel or IP genuinely pushing the boundaries while addressing previous flaws. How can that possibly ever be a bad thing?

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Dave Kozicki

Shotgun Samurai
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  • Anonymous

    I was so close to buying it when it came out. Really glad i didn’t now…

  • Rowland

    Good call and totally agree with you – over hyped, over rated fodder for the casual gamer.

    Stick to open world RPGs such as Witcher, Fallout & Elder Scrolls games if you want serious gaming of the highest calibre !

  • Guest

    i disagree im hooked on this game

  • Jmcgrail21

    I honestly had none of the glitches that you mentioned. You know what I have seen? If you use the Rolling Block rifle and aim about 100 yards away, any horses you see glide, not trot. It’s funny. Like I said, I had no trouble w/ glitches, I loved the story (except for the terrible first 2-3 hours you spend in Mexico), and I still play online daily. I do agree that mission structure needs some rethinking though.

  • Arm57rong

    You’re an idiot.

  • Horadelta

    I never comment on these stories, but the guy has got a bug bear about something. He actually doesn’t seem to understand bugs and the nature of what may cause….it’s the game…no couldn’t possibly be his system. To call himself a professional, well that is a slap in the face to those who actually know what they are doing…

  • Guest

    I liked the game. RDR and Demon Souls are the best I’ve played this gen. I’ve seen a few glitches but the game never froze. It’s not perfect of course but nothing is…maybe we should just enjoy and review the games as they are without the need to seek flaws and give scores.

  • Thomas

    He’s right about the so called plot twist, it ruined the game for me too. I didn’t fight my way thru the game just to die in a barn, and be replaced by my annoying kid.

  • Anonymous

    Look, like or dislike the game I have to say I agree that Rockstar needs to take its engine to new places. Guys! You have one of the most amazing pieces of software known to man! What they need to do is try a new style of game, Rockstar’s Sandbox titles are just becoming identical with new tweaks and locations..These games are like the CSI series, new location and cast, same style and format! Red dead revolver was a truely different feel at the time, sure it wasn’t the best game ever but Rockstar were the pioneers of forward thinking at the time… The ‘hat tips’ to the western genre were both clever and seamless, and the game play was a step away from the GTA titles even if it was only a small one (cover systems, RPG elements, quick drawing). These are the things that rockstar was once revered for… now I can only hope people will think before ripping into this opinion piece… was read dead REALLY a perfect game? or just a good game with a high budget..

  • Anonymous

    I am a professional who has been working as a games journalist for 8 years. I think I understand my job a little better than you, and btw this was an “opinion” piece. It is my opinion based on my experiences with the game.

  • Anonymous

    Quite the snappy argument you present. I hope your brain didn’t explode pushing out that single coherent thought…

  • Anonymous

    Just to counter dude (no disrespect intended), this freezing and glitching this isn’t something that is a single persons opinion. There are a lot of people out there which this happened to. I personally have 3 xboxes in 3 different rooms and I have had glitches on all 3… This effected how much I enjoyed the game and AS a game review is an individuals opinion of the game as they played it, I have say that even though I wish we could be nicer to this game, when we are seeing the flaws without having to dig deep to find them … then they need to be addressed. Even if others didn’t experience them.

  • Si

    I am not dissuaded from purchasing this despite the overwhelming positive and negative comments on it. I enjoyed GTAIV. I enjoy games that are serious and are story based. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy arcade games, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll have a Gran Turismo over a Burnout or a GTA over a Saints Row anyday of the week. I’m not saying Burnout & Saints Row are bad games but it all comes down to personal preference.

    I think the problem lies in that games seem to try to compete with movies for being top entertainment dog, and feeling obliged to having “moving, story driven epics”. Obviously this is going to be hit and miss as this phenomenon has only recently surfaced (or have I only just started noticing it?). Alan Wake is an excellent example of this. The game is excellent, no doubt. But if it weren’t for the brilliant story the game would be an absolute disaster gameplay wise. No depth in combat, repetitive slogging through re-spawning enemies for hours on end? This would be absolutely cut to shreds if it weren’t for the story accompanying it. I believe the same happens with RDR and GTAIV and any other game you care to mention that has been universally praised by critics and lambasted by a very vocal opposing view.

    All in all, I’ll grab RDR one day, and probably enjoy the hell out of it. Despite talking dogs, mindless mini games and all the rest.

    Wow that was deep.

  • Someguy

    So you personally didn’t like a game that had great story compared to many other title (MW1&2, HALO and so on) and that is buggy which can be expected from a game containing such massive amount of land and places. Sure the mission structure wasn’t brilliant but I personally liked listening the other characters tell stories and whatnot. What is point of all this? Is this a rant, or criticism or what. Mine copy froze once so I don’t am I the one with luck or you with bad. But in the end this article, rant or whatever this is has no point besides that it is a rant and your personal opinion. I love this game as what it is some western fun alone or with friends online.

  • Anonymous

    To add to this, I also experienced crashes, glitches and a fair share of bugs. The interesting thing was that other industry folk I spoke to who played off review code didn’t experience any crashes and glitches/bugs were rare.

  • Anonymous

    That’s why it’s called an “opinion” piece.
    I wonder if people actually read the whole thing or just knee-jerk at something that pisses them off. It is my recount of my gameplay experience and my thoughts on where they can improve. I thought the story was bland and lacked depth, I had many system crashes and glitches that pulled me from the game world, maybe it was bad luck, but it affected how it played, and it needs to be noted.
    People seem to gloss over any faults or turn a blind eye because it’s from Rockstar. If it is buggy, it needs to be addressed and marked accordingly, not just ignored because it’s an open world game with a lot of content.

  • D_iby

    sorry if people don’t like it but this game was the worse game of the year, the bugs and glitches were worse than MW2. online play was horrible, absolutly horrible. is it really that hard to not spawn someone in nearly the same spot over and over and over so that other people can just sit near by with better weapons and continually kill you before you can do anything? on top of that the auto-aim type of play is horrible is it really that hard to make someone aim then shoot instead of just be looking in the general area?

  • Guest

    I was playing the PS3 version. There were a few glitches as I said but nothing so frustrating as to ruin this awesome and refreshing masterpiece with a mature and meaningful story. I’m kinda old gamer (31) and I’m losing interest in childish games with simple, retarded stories for people who never read a book (gears of war, god of war, etc).

  • Anonymous

    I played two different Xbox 360 versions on two different consoles and both had their fair share of oddities. There weren’t any game-destroying bugs or glitches, but there were enough to destroy my immersion levels at times… probably the worst thing that can happen in any immersive experience.

    As a trained creative writer, I’m a sucker for a good story, but I have to admit that the hype surrounding the RDR storyline left me disappointed. While I disagree with Dave on the voice acting front (I think it was solid for the most part), I do agree about the other issues with the story. The lack of connection to the family–particularly when the game expected the player to take Marston at his word about what was happening with his family–really didn’t do the plot or subsequent character motivations any justice.

    Marston also had an annoying tendency of talking like a hard-arse one minute, but never following through on the many threats made to the many main characters who screwed him over. I never actually bought into the fact that he was a total badass and I certainly didn’t buy into his need for redemption. This means that the story part of the game lost me very early on.

    What other games have you played recently where the story has really grabbed you?

  • Guestymcguesty

    Congratulations on being utterly joyless.

    Never had RDR crash on me once.

  • Guestymcballs

    You’re missing out. The writer here just seems to hate Rockstar Games.

  • Anonymous

    Did you even read the article?

  • Mark

    The single most annoying thing in this game is when you try and mount your horse and the fucking thing runs away. Shit is infuriating during a shootout or when you’re trying to flee, be it in single player or online. Seriously Rockstar, fuck you.

  • Guest

    Well, I agree that RDR story isn’t the best ever, especially comparing to movies. But it was refreshing to see something mature in videogaming world. The satire about America was what really struck me, and some of the characters reminded me of Tarantino movies. Also, I really connected with Marston, and I really liked Bonnie. I loved those herding and nonviolent missions. I also came to like Marston’s famly in the end. I could go on and on but the point is that the games like this are really rare and despite it’s flaws and bugs that annoy the spoiled youngsters, we should be glad games like these exist. As for other games where story really grabbed me…SW:KOTOR comes to mind. Also: Beyond God And Evil, GTA series somewhat grabbed me. Shadow of Colossus and Ico really grabbed me but it’s not the story in the conventional kind of way. What about you?

  • Laurence

    It’s a game. A very ambitious one at that. I highly doubt you could find me a game that attempts such scale and detail, while managing perfection. It’s impossible to please at every level in that sense, and it’s impossible to have too much empathy for the main character.

    Remember, if you played a real family man he would be boring, they’ve got to make you kill lots of things, that’s quite a large part of the game. I didn’t experience any crashes on my PS3 version of the game, also I experienced few bugs, none of which were notable. I’ve had more bugs in the single-player for Modern Warfare 2 really.

    You can skip pretty much most long boring journeys that have dialogue by “going to sleep” in game journeys.

    I do agree with various other points of yours however, the main character is ridiculous, as is his plight when you realize how much of a whore his wife was, and the fact that he was (and possibly still is depending on your playing style) a mass murderer of innocents. However, I absolutely loved most of the other characters, the dialogue, and the side missions in particular were great.

    Name me open world games with as much ambition and scope that nail every factor of the game, and… well, I’ll probably buy them.

  • Strikeeagle75

    It’s a shame your game was so buggy, mine had no problems other than the invisible characters on multiplayer and that was fixed fairly quickly. And you issues with the single-player, I respect and understand your opinions, and I too thought the end was retarded. Very retarded. But at least it was a step forward from there previous plots, and hopefully they use this difference to create a better step forward in GTA5 or even RDR3, if they intend on going that far.

  • -__-

    Your starting to sound like a kid pouting. You don’t really give off the vibe of a professional in any way.

    To adress your ‘opinion piece’, to each their own. I personally had zero crashes and bugs, and any western fan knows the ending is a standard. More of a tribute them anything.
    Although the pacing and motives we’re kind of shaky, it was still a refreshing change of pace.

  • http://twitter.com/marktgledhill Mark G

    I have not played this game. However the information is here is well done. In regards to the ending it seems

  • http://twitter.com/marktgledhill Mark G

    I have not played this game. However I found this to be a interesting look at the game. Of late the rockstar endings of late all seem to deal with you getting revenge against someone

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IXSDRJ6RCYOIFLLNQCOEL4LGNE John

    You should change your name from kozeeii to Summers Eve… CAUSE YOU’RE A DOUCHE!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/GAJoaby Joab Gilroy

    Lol what the fuck.

    Dude you’re a professional reviewer. You should know better than most that a review is still one person’s opinion. If that one person never experienced any of the bugs you did then they’ll never be able to comment on them.

    As to your other faults with the game – the ending? John Marston went out like a bitch? I wouldn’t think that stepping out to meet your maker would be the cowards way out. That and it’s practically fucking expected of them to have him go down in a blaze of glory.

    Your lack of empathy probably has something to do with the fact that you went into the game expecting to hate it and never allowed yourself to connect with it. Same for a lot of your other points, actually. Gee, the cowboys sound like cowboys? How peculiar. The mission structure involves riding horses and shooting shit!? What is this, some kind of fucking wild west game!?

    By standing up and calling out your peers all you’re doing is placing even more intense scrutiny on your own already faulty arguments. And to jump into the comments and vehemently assert that THIS IS AN OPINION PIECE while ignoring that EVERY REVIEW EVER IS AN OPINION PIECE undermines your point of view. If this is you crying out to developers, holding them accountable for their mistakes, surely you should have stronger evidence than just the one person’s opinion, right? Is this a call to action or a call to clicks?

  • Anonymous

    I’m a programmer, so I know better than anyone else that different hardware can cause all sorts of bugs when using the same software. However, this was mainly a console game. Differences in hardware become null and void. Looking at RDR glitches on YouTube it’s clear that they are entirely software related. Their QA team should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Shanemous

    hmm certian things I will agree with, the structure of mission often gets reptativr, but not so repetative that I begin to dislike it. And the other thing I will agree with is the crticims on John Marston, the problem I have with him is that well he’s just to by polar. One second he wants to put a bullet in someone’s head, the next he’s acting like a gentlemen. One thing I can say is that due to this Bipolar atitude there were often times I couldnt quite predict what was going to happen. I also by the way, loved the way when a certian person dies how, well almost unimportant it seems and it was rather suprising to me how where many games probably wouldve ended in this place it contiunes… That being said, I loved Read Dead Redemption to death and it will probably one of my favorite games from this generation.

  • Anonymous

    My understanding is that I’m in a minority for not buying into the RDR story in a bigger way. I think the worst thing for me was the overwhelming positive reaction from friends in the industry who’d played the game… it set my expectations super high (never a good thing).

    I find it interesting that you liked the herding and nonviolent missions… those were definitely my least favourite portions of the game! It’s actually good to see that there are others out there who enjoyed them.

    For me some of my all-time favourite game stories that grabbed me are as follows:
    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    Brothers in Arm: Hell’s Highway
    Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (all of the emo stuff aside, I liked the character arc)
    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

    And that’s just off the top of my head.

  • thrillho

    Actually I disagree. It’s a well written article with clear intelligent points. In no way is he making jabs at Rockstar Games or saying he hated them or RDR for that matter. And also if you read carefully you’ll see that he said that it just didn’t deserve the 9 and 10’s it received or the way it was over hyped- which I totally agree with. Really enjoyed this article. Good work guys. :)

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I have to agree with alot of Dave’s points. I too was riding the hype train, it never even entered my mind that this would be GTA with horses, I was soon to be dissapointed.

    Finishing GTAIV was a chore for me, as this has become. I actually can’t even remember the last time I had the game in my console. While I have so far not experienced any of the bugs mentioned, the mission structure is painful, I hated riding from one side of the map to the other only to fail and have to do it all over. This was also my biggest gripe with GTAIV, aside from trying to drive those motorbikes, what the fuck was up with that shit?!

    I understand Marsden is a reformed man, trying to make up for the wrongs of his past, but if my family was in the firing line, heads would have rolled. ‘Listen you fat ass snake oil salesman do this or you’ll get a bullet’ ‘Sure, but first I want you to help me sell so…’ Fuckin’ BANG! ‘Anyone else want me to perform some pointless task before they do want I want? I didn’t think so’.

    It’s a good game, not a great game, and one day I may even finish it.

  • Guest

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis FTW!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not THAT young a gamer ;). For years I held out hope that Fate of Atlantis would be made into a movie… it as brilliant.

  • Anonymous

    I bought the game and regretted it. I love rockstar by the way.

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  • TS

    I agree with your criticism about the story. Actually, I think the ending should’ve been the beginning starting just a couple tutorial mission with Jack (hunting etc.) and then Edgar Ross arriving at the farm and kidnapping Marston’s family. The game could’ve still ended basically the same way, except without the tedious and drawn-out missions – Marston returns to the farm, Edgar Ross comes and kills him. Cut to the ten years after and Jack avenges the death. The End. Beautiful story.

    But the way it was really done, it really didn’t work. I, too, couldn’t relate to Marston’s problems.

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  • Jamiefknwest

    I’m happy to see a reviewer actually call out a Rockstar game’s flaws…usually ‘criticism’ of its productions amount to nothing more than a few paragraphs of fellatio followed up by apologies for whatever problems it has.

    I agree with a lot of what you’ve said, but not all of it. I have the PS3 version as well, and it isn’t buggy in the slightest for me…not saying yours wasn’t, but mine has run perfectly smoothly and hasn’t frozen once.

    Okay, that was my one disagreement now that I think about it =p The rest of what you said was exactly true. John Marston, like every other character in the game (besides perhaps Reyes and the Indian fellow who got killed off after a few cameos with no fanfare whatsoever) was completely uninspired and uninspiring. I felt no connection to him at all…in fact, I actively despised him, his stupidity, and his awful voice. The villains were equally lame–even the name “Bill Williamson” puts me to sleep, and the big bad guy who was hyped up so much, Dutch van der Lindt, was a total letdown when he finally appeared (I won’t even mention the tepid FBI agents). Beyond the poor character design and lousy dialogue between them, it was just too bland to engage me…the player is expected to care about a family which he has never even seen, but is only alluded to vaguely every now and then; we similarly are expected to give a fuck about Marston’s old gang, when we are just meeting them for the first time and have no idea what they were all about back in the day. Sorry, but I can’t care about characters that I know nothing about until I have to kill them.

    The mission structure was just as lame and lacking in variety as GTA IV’s was…shoot, kill, ride your horse. Redemption makes for a very monotonous, unimaginative dynamic as far as the main storyline goes. You pretty much know what every mission is going to be like. The side missions, as you’ve said, are very arbitrary and while they add some depth to the world-experience, they are kind of incongruous alongside the whole ‘I’m-super-serious-about-rescuing-my-family’ thing. I have to say though that Redemption always let’s me skip the cutscenes when starting a mission over though–so Idk what you’re talking about there. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to finish either–I can’t tell you how many times I got ass-raped by a cougar or grizzly during a mission.

    As for the “twist”–well, I didn’t even know there was a twist until I read this article. It didn’t shock me that much, it just pissed me off.

    We agree on the games flaws, but I also think that this is basically a good game for people into the whole sandbox thing (like me): I like looking at the scenery, which is beautiful, or admiring the physics engine, which is the coolest I’ve ever seen. I like robbing banks and shooting banditos and playing poker and all of the other things that have gone into this game. The ambiance is unreal and the team who developed it has a lot to be proud of. UN-fortunately, they were totally let down by whatever retards made the script and the main-storyline, which is the most frustrating thing about Redemption for me–this could have been SO much better if Rockstar had gotten off it’s pedestal and put in the work for an actually engaging, original story instead of a parade of cliches. Everything that could have shined about this game–the parody, the dying of the old west, Marston’s “plight”–were totally vitiated by lack of a credible plot.

    I hope in the future that Rockstar does a better all around–LA Noire is due soon, and I am excited about it, and I hope they get right what they got wrong in Redemption. If that happens, it will be glorious. If it doesn’t, it will suck and 99.9% of the critics will call it glorious anyway, because hey, it’s RAWKSTAR!