News: Shut yer trap with new Borderlands DLC announced

Everybody loves that little maniacal, more than a few screws loose, whirling dervish known as Claptrap. How could you not? Now imagine if those kings of downloadable content over at Gearbox decided to give the fans exactly what they want… an entire add-on pack devoted to battling, shooting, skewering and fricasseeing a robot rebellion of epic proportions. Those dudes keep going from strength to strength, with each bit of new content outdoing the last, and taking the title in a whole new direction. So what have they got in store for you this time?

It seems that former bad guys (now allies) Hyperion has got a wee bit of an infestation problem. There’s a Claptrap revolution stirring, lead by the never before seen, nunchuck wielding bat-shit insane Ninja Assassin (Wachowski Brothers free) Claptrap. With more kung-fu skills than Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen put together, he ain’t to be trifled with!

In a stirring tale with friends becoming enemies, and enemies becoming friends, you join forces to take out a homicidal uprising of Claptraps that are threatening to take over all of Pandora, with you battling old adversaries with new Claptrap inspired makeovers, like the crab-traps, rakk-traps and skagg-traps! All I can say is… bring it the fuck on!!!!

With about twenty new missions, a bunch of new bosses, an extra ten points to buff up your skill tree to a whopping 71 points (prepare to bite the dust Crawmerax) and another three inventory slots up for grabs, it’s time to buckle up and bitch slap that little metallic menace into next week.

No release date is confirmed, but at the Borderlands stock standard bargain basement price of 800 Microsoft Points or $12.95 on PSN it’s just another example of a developer making a little bit of money go a long long way (note to CoD:MW2). More to come…

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