Launch: A double dose of awesome with Nintendo and AFA/O2A

There are no lengths that we at DLC won’t go to, all in the name of bringing you lovable little scamps the hardest hitting info and latest updates in the mighty world of gaming. At great personal sacrifice, myself, Josh and Nachos Justice braved shitty weather and dastardly viral infections to get boozed last week at back to back events on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. That’s just how we roll. That’s the sacrifice we make, for you. Nintendo kicked off proceedings with Dragon Quest IX and AFA/One 2 Another offered a grab bag of titles and giveaways.

Tuesday night was a tad plush, and reserved at the swanky Sofitel Hotel across from Hyde Park in Sydney, as we all got a gander at the new Nintendo DS JRPG Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. After a brief presentation, we all knuckled down and had a lash at the game, before being treated to our take home copies for review. I truly wish I wasn’t so sick (hey, that’s my excuse), as I may have remembered to actually take photos of the event.

The soiree was a wonderful affair, with alcohol flowing and nomtastic nibblies to sate our appetites. Special thanks go out to the striped “sex on legs” siren Heather for putting together such a bang up event, her “soon to be married” (sigh) amorous aide Robyn and DLC’s new friend, product manager extraordinaire, the delicious and delectable (also soon to be married… double sigh) Kath. This triumvirate of hotness swore to leave their respective partners for certain unnamed members of DLC. That last part may or may not be true, you be the judge.

On Wednesday the good times kept on rolling with an AFA Interactive event at the Arthouse Hotel (organised by those unreal folks at One 2 Another) showcasing a myriad of releases including WRC, Sniper-Ghost Warrior and Armin Van Buuren – In The Mix for consoles and some PC loving with Disciples III and the thought provoking Gray Matter, which had Josh hiding his erection of excitement. True story.

Remembering the old adage to keep your fluids up when battling a cold, the three of us smashed beers like they were going out of fashion as we attempted to play some of the titles on show. When the party hit full swing, the main event of the evening began, introduced by the tractor beam of sextacular sultriness, the lovely Becs from One 2 Another, was the draw for an iPad. My confidence was high that i would walk away with such a coveted prize, but there was a M. Night Shymalan twist… TWO people were drawn to compete in a single lap race on WRC for the win. WHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAATTTT? Next time, I’ve got to read the fine print. As luck would have it, I was one of the combatants vying for the iPad against Official PlayStation Magazine’s Dep. Ed Paul Taylor.

Now I’ll admit, I’m not the greatest gamer in the world, and being about twenty beers deep, didn’t help the situation against the nearly sober “I’m driving home” PT. Needless to say, I lost the race in spectacular fashion, letting down the boys, myself and our legions of fans in the process… sorry guys! The runner up gift bag eased the pain, with four AFA titles and a bottle of vodka to drown my sorrows. (pictured above with the mantastic Jason from One 2 Another in the middle and “winners are grinners” Paul Taylor on the left)

Luckily for me, the spandex clad vixens accompanying the event helped ease the bitter anguish of defeat with reassuring pats on the shoulder, kisses on the cheek, duck faced leans and the iconic “Blue Steel” pose adopted by Ben Stiller in Zoolander as seen above. They were great sports and a reminder that sometimes second place just ain’t that bad.

We’d like to give a shout out to the One 2 Another crew, also known as Becs, Jason and their fearless leader Simon for hosting the shindig, and look forward to the next time the launch train pulls into town.

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Dave Kozicki

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  • Frozencry

    Sounds like a great time guys. I wish I was able to attend, but actually had an emergency come up which held me up for a good day or two (and no, not StarCraft. Something actually serious).

  • Definitely Not Jason

    That Jason character does sound rather 'Mantastic' doesn't he ;)

  • DoGM3At

    I'll pass that on… Im sure he will love to hear that! :P

  • Heather

    Oh hilarious! Love it