Video: Old Spice and Cliffy B a match made in heaven

If you’ve even had a passing interest in YouTube, surely one of your mates by now has sent you a link to the brilliant Old Spice commercials with the strapping shirtless black guy waxing lyrical to your lady about how you may not look like him, but you can certainly smell like him. They’re a hoot and a half, and it’s gone even more viral. Via comments in his Twitter account, Old Spice Guy will actually give you a personalised videotaped response to certain tweets.

Cliff “don’t call me Cliffy B” Bleszinski asked if he conducted all his activities shirtless, and Old Spice Guy took it up a notch in his response with a hilarious Gear of War reference. I predict this will lead to the crossover promotion of the decade, with taglines like, “Spice up your gameplay with Gears of War 3 and smell like a champion!”

Be sure to check it out!

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Dave Kozicki

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