Video: Infamous 2 Gameplay video

Sometimes as jaded gamers, we see footage and make a snap judgement. I will go on record for saying that I was very much “meh” about the first videos for Infamous 2, I saw at E3… Then this cropped up, and I have to say, I’m totally on board! This is everything  I loved about the original and expands on it… Ten fold.

The movement and combat is impressive and the new camera system screams of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, with a combination of tight cinematography and simple sandbox, plus the new moves shown off look to really step up Cole’s abilities to epic proportions. Also keep your eyes peeled for the engine’s new environmental destruction. There is much fun to be had with that new addition!

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  • Denny

    Anamorphic Anti-Aliasing, Animation Blending, Procedural Destruction, Strong fill-rate and inFamous with a litre of “fuck yeah” injected into it = this.

    Can't wait for it, loved the first.