Screenshots: Streetfighter X Tekken

Streetfighter X Tekken was announced only a week ago and already the internet is abuzz in anticipation, and every fighting fan worth their salt has added it to their must own list. As promised on Thursday night’s show, we’ve slapped together a grab bag of  screens from the Streetfighter X Tekken Comi-con video for you to drool over.


And as a bonus I have added a small video to whet your appetite.

Street Fighter X Tekken
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What do you all think? Are you at fever pitch yet?

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  • Stubby28182

    Dude….. i have been going NUTS for this since i heard it. Rumour has it there will be 2 versions : 1 made by Capcom, the other by NAMCO (much like capcom vs snk & snk vs capcom). So 1 will be 2D orientation and the other 3D. I want both!!! Now if only they can cut a deal to add Mortal Kombat characters …….

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