Review: Dave’s prelude to a Josh, Monster Hunter Tri review

Though no where near as versed in ye olde lore of Monster Hunter as my esteemed compadre, Josh Philpott, I did manage to take its newest incarnation, Monster Hunter Tri, for a spin on the Wii. As Josh’s review will be hitting the site shortly, I thought I’d give a novice based point of view for those of you little girly men scared, or intimidated by the sheer scope and intricacies of the Japanese Role Playing Games or JRPG for short.

Just gone live on, here’s a taste of my review in all it’s unadulterated glory.

“Long available over at the Sony camp, this is the Monster Hunter franchise’s attempt at a more accessible beastie for the masses and its first soiree for the Nintendo Wii. For the uninitiated, Monster Hunter is cut from the hardcore JRPG (Japanese RPG) mould. You begin the outing as an insignificant little pipsqueak trying to make a name for yourself in a delightful little village called Moga.”

Pure sex now, innit?

You can find the rest of the review by clicking here…

So, what are you waiting for? C’mon…check it out, you know you want to!

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