News: Get some zombie head with Dead Rising 2 Outbreak Edition

We loves us some collector’s editions here at DLC, as long as it actually gives you something extra, other than a weapon unlock or 8 page comic. THQ have long been the big daddy of the right kind of bonus edition. From the bullet USB and basketball jersey with Saint’s Row 2, to the action figures with Street Fighter IV and, of course, the big black and orange “tickler” dildo supplied with Lost Planet 2. They do it right, and Dead Rising 2 is no exception.

We’re still celebrating the news about the uncut local release, and THQ brings you the pressies with the Outbreak Edition jam packed full of awesome, including a 12 inch figurine with swappable zombie heads (pictured above), the game, “Making of” DVD, a guide to creating the most zombie-killifying weapons and a console theme.

Each console has specific extra, with PS3 owners grabbing a dynamic theme and Xbox360 owners will get the “Dead Rising Sun” movie (featuring the directorial debut of Dead Rising 2 Producer Keiji Inafune-san), set in the world of Dead Rising with an exclusive unseen ending.

Due for release on 30th September this year, the Outbreak Edition will set you back $169.95 and will be available at JB Hi-Fi, Game and EB Games.

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  • Moopidoo

    Dead Rising 2, you shall be mine. Maybe not the CE though. I can live without it.

  • popshott


  • adin75

    Dunno if I will bother with the S.E. I don't normally play with dolls. Although, the next time my daughters wanted me to play Barbies with them, I could be the 'Fat Zombie Tourist' :)

  • DoGM3At

    Sure that will go down a treat adin :D