Charity Event: 48 hours of Borderlands madness this weekend!!!!

Let it never be said that the DLC team don’t make immense sacrifices for the community. In our never ending struggle for truth, justice, honour and games for all, we have taken up many causes, but none have ever felt so right. This weekend, from 6pm Friday 16th July, a veritable who’s who of the local games industry will band together in a never before seen display of unity in support of Child’s Play charity, as we do what we do best, play games into the wee hours of the morning.

Coming to you LIVE over 48 madcap hours, members from a slew of Australian websites will band together in non-stop Borderlands 4 player co-op insanity for Child’s Play with all the proceeds used to provide  hospitalised children with toys, games, but most importantly, much needed smiles. Coming at ya live via Usteam, at, the event in its entirety will go out over the interwebs, and be shown at Mana Bar as interstate gamers get boozed to our shenanigans.

With a host of giveaways, challenges, inspired banter and one of the best releases of last year at the forefront, the entire weekend will be nothing short of spectacular as we help a more than worthwhile cause. Myself, Nachos Justice and Josh will be there to show them all how its done, with Joab from GameArena, Luke and Jae from Australian Gamer, Jeremy “Junglist” Ray, Arthur from OXCGN, Jason Evans former 2K rep, Jason from Xbox Insider and Heath from The GAP.

So clear your calender, save your bandwith and throw a couple of coins in the kitty as we blast our way through to the Secret Armory of General Knoxx, and give a helping hand to those who need and deserve it the most.

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Dave Kozicki

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