Video: Devil’s Third Teaser

E3 is so close now you can almost taste it and with Natal (or Kinect as it is apparently to be called) being demonstrated in a few hours its hard not to be excited, indeed in the minds of most journalists E3 has already started now.

The news is flooding out, after weeks of near silence and news is good…

This trailer fills me with joy and fear at the same time. Joy from the hours of  “John Woo” styled action and fear from its inevitable banning here in Australia.

Here is the first in a long list of the gems we have for you, a video for Devils Third, the new title from the game legend Tomonobu Itagaki (the man behind Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden). The trailer shows a lot of action from what seems to be two different characters, that, acrobatics and gore… LOTS of gore!

Check it out!

Personally I think it looks incredible. Comments? Will it be banned?

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  • DoGM3At

    The minigun bit is full of win!

  • kozeeii

    Dibs for the review!

  • kozeeii

    Dibs for the review!

  • Bagmup

    Looks awesome, pity the guy making it's a douche

  • Snake

    somehow I really can't see this making it here. Imports here I come :)

  • PSIress

    looks awesome