Launch: UFC Undisputed 2010

Last Thursday, we were lucky enough to score an invite to the UFC Undisputed 2010 launch party at Martin Place Bar in Sydney. As you’d expect, at an event of this calibre,  there were plenty of different activities to occupy our time… mainly gaming, boozing it up with industry peers and perving, nay leering, at some of the sensual delights THQ brought to the party…

As you can see from the pic above, it was an evening of intense networking and deliberation. THQ had populated the event with a conglomerate of typically clad ‘Octagon’ girls in the classic gear worn by Arianny Celeste (read: bikini top and hotpants) and these two lovelies in jean shorts and ripped tops, which Josh and I were not responsible for.

After a brief welcome and introduction, some local MMA fighters showed the crowd the ropes of various styles, before we all retreated to the back to accost THQ’s bar tab… helloooooo Jager-bombs!

After laying waste to all the alcohol available, and more than proving our manhood, we got together with some local journos and had a bash at the game. You may have noticed GameArena’s Joab and Gamespot’s James “Koz” hovering in the background. After Joab smashed us into oblivion, (seriously, don’t ever play that guy) we bid the event adieu, goodie bags in tow, and headed into the land of future hangovers.

All in all, and bullshit aside, we’d like to thank the guys at THQ for a bang-up event. They had to deal with horrible weather and a State of Origin in the background… and it was STILL an awesome night! Cheers fellas!

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Dave Kozicki

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    You provided your manhood? Keep in your pants Dave?

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    Looks awesome. Glad you guys had a ball.

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