Launch: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Nintendo rolled into town last week… or should I say, sailed, bringing with them much mirth, booze, D-list celebrities, hot PR girls and, oh yeah, perhaps a Super Mario Galaxy 2 launch. Aboard party boat ‘Starship Sydney’, Josh, myself and the irrepressible Nachos Justice took to the high seas bringing chaos, mayhem, douche looks and we even managed to stay coherent enough to rub shoulders with some industry peers…

Avoiding any T-Pain or Lonely Island references is an arduous task, but I’ll do my best. Kicking off proceedings at around 6pm-ish, we set sail around Sydney Harbour during an extremely depressing-looking evening. Luckily, beer is the solver of so many of life’s problems, and soon the gig was in full swing, with Nachos and Josh showing consummate professionalism while checking out Super Mario Galaxy 2. Full thanks to Nintendo’s PR group of awesome, headed up by the sultry Heather and her sexy co-host Robyn.

Yes, the sweet nectar of the hops gods did flow quite merrily and once we docked at Darling Harbour, the shenanigans continued on, as a contingent went on to go bowling??? Yes, drunk, any idea sounds good, and this was no exception. Again shots miraculously appeared, paid for by a benevolent benefactor and newfound friend to the DLC Crew.

And who were our generous buds, you might ask? Take a gander below and you may recognise Mana Bar founders Yug and Shay, and keep your eyes peeled for a crossover event between us in the near future. We wholeheartedly thank Nintendo for a brilliant night (from what we can remember) and them dudes from Mana Bar for keeping the party going… nice one bruvvas!!

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Dave Kozicki

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  • Northy179

    What better way to celebrate the release of a G rated game than with booze :P

  • Bagmup

    How dare you three degenerates befoul Nintendo like that..i want in.

  • popshott

    Omg Shay & Yug were there, nice. Well glad you guys enjoyed yourselves .