Snake’s Update: Saturday Night Smackdown

With competition points up for grabs, along with pride, honour and bragging rights too boot, 10 competitors fired up their PS3s for a night of mayhem and chaos. With eight crew members and two of Sidawg’s mates joining us, it allowed us to have a private 5 v 5 game of Rush to kick off the DLC Crew PS3 Saturday Night Smackdown.

The teams consisted of an even mix of talent, until my connection dropped me out of the game several times in round 1 which caused some reshuffling of the teams when I rejoined. At the end of the round, teams were as follows:

  • Team 1: Sidawg, Guin564, Moopidoo, Northy179 and SnakeAUS
  • Team 2: Adin75, itchy_soul, ko-zee-ii, Maximuspower and Diamondsarnt4eva

We kept these teams until mid-way through round 3, when our two extras left us so Sidawg switched side to even it out.

After four rounds our winner was Moopidoo. Current standings and points look like this:


After the official rounds the night continued in some public games of Conquest. The DLC Crew worked like a well-oiled machine and rape-age of the other team ensued. This did not work well for me as I was the only crew member on the opposite team. Everyone enjoyed Snake Kebabs on the night.

Memorable quotes from the night:

“I’m the artist formerly known as Alive” – Adin75

“Well there was only two in there when I first told you to storm the base” – Sidawg, on pre-attack intel after we got wiped out attacking a base

“Snake, I just performed ‘The McConaughey’ on you. That’s when you knife someone in the face after launching yourself through the air. Like what McConaughey did at the end of Reign of Fire.” (see thumbnail) – ko-zee-ii (Dave) after performing said McConaughey on me (on a side note I thought the dragon ate him after that move?)

Well that’s the wrap-up of Round 2 of the PS3 Leaderboard matches. Come and join the DLC Crew for Friday Night Fights (Xbox360) and Saturday Night Smackdown (PS3) each week. Our official matches for the PS3 and the 360 are held on the last two Saturdays of the month. Check the forums for details here…

I may take a reference from Dave’s choice of movie of the night  and based on my games… change my name to “Archangel” – Life expectancy 14 seconds.

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Founder of the rag tag merry bunch of miscreants that is the DLC Crew. When not working you can always find me with the crew having fun on PSN. PSN ID: SnakeAUS
  • kozeeii

    Even though I did indeed say what Snake quoted, I cannot take credit for “The McConaughey”, as much as I'd like to. That is the brainchild of manchild Sir Nachos Justice…

  • Northy179

    leaderboard is rigged :P i've only been to 1 match

  • Snake

    And you played well enough to score 8 points on the night.

  • Moopidoo

    But…but Northy wasn't in the first match…