PSIress’ Update: Friday Night Fights

Every Friday, the DLC Crew get together and pick a new release title to have a bash at. Once a month we get together and have an offical match with points going towards the leaderboards for the DLC Crew. At the end of the year, Dave and Josh have promised some unannounced grab bags of swag to go to the winner on Xbox 360 and PS3. Here’s a round-up of the last night… this week was Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on Xbox 360.

On Friday night we had our 2nd official match of the season, with the first round on Laguna Alta. After a rough start, we got out shit together and by the end of the match, the crew kicked ass. We were defenders and we had seven on our side: giggedygiggedy, Dogm3at, Shane, Bagmup, Garnet, Random Glenn and I, but the attackers had the bigger crowd.

Most of us started out a bit rough as we spent the previous week playing CoD4 (a favourite of most of the DLC Crew), so the controls were all foreign and reaction times too fast for Bad Company 2’s more deliberate gameplay style.

The attackers had us backed against the water, with helicopters and UAVs and the occasional tank or Bradley. One little bitch was foolish enough to jump out of a Bradley right in front of one of our M-COM stations, attempting to repair his vehicle, of all things, at which point Garnet ran towards it and jumped in, driving off with the enemy chasing after. We all laughed at the scene being played out and decided we would use the Bradley against them till it blew up… after that we never saw a Bradley again.

This is when we got back into the swing of things and pushed the attackers back towards what I like to call ‘the black wall of death’: the barrier that stops us going into their territory. We sat a few feet back, giggedygiggedy (Dave) played assault and was sitting on an ammo box, lobbing tubes and grenades into their camp, we had Garnet sniping anyone foolish enough to come out of the trees and Baggy stopping anyone trying to come down the road on a quad bike.

We had a few sneak past down the side of the hill, managing to set off the M-COM stations a couple of times, but the guys back at base sorted that out. We couldn’t understand why the other side stopped trying to reach our M-COM stations, till we looked at their tickets and realised it was a lost cause with only 19 left.

It’s at this point they got desperate. A tank came driving down the road packed full of their men. Bagmup saw it and gave fair warning, but as the tank got closer it spotted him on the road and started to head towards him; at this point everyone started lobbing grenades and tubes at the tank as it chased Bagmup down the hill. Giggedygiggedy hits the tank with one final tube and it blew up with all men inside, at which point Dave proclaimed it was all his skill alone, and no-one else’s.

The DLC Crew were ecstatic, with cheers all round when we finally won, though sadly the luck wasn’t to last long. Let’s just say for the rest of the matches we got owned. In the last round we did make a valiant effort against the other attackers, but they just got too aggressive for us to hold back.

The play of the night:

We stayed on for one more match on Isla Inocentes after the scoring had ended. Baggy and Garnet both went Recon and fought over sniper kills. This is when Garnet decided he would jump up and down in front of Bagmup as he tried to line up a shots, whereby he took one and hit the victim in the head through Garnet’s body. Now that is some impressive shooting.

Check out the forums for the leaderboard standings, and for details on the next match.

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