News: Yakuza 4 set to bring great honour to SEGA

In a move sure to set other distributors committing yubitsume, as they cut portions of their little fingers off in shame, SEGA announces the PlayStation 3 exclusive release of Yakuza 4. The long standing Grand Theft Auto inspired series, with a huge Japanese wacky twist, has been going gangbusters in the Land of the Rising Sun and is set to sate its loyal fan base in the Western world in late 2011.

In a new twist for the series, you not only walk in the shoes of legendary Yakuza boss Kiryu Kazuma, but there’s also three new characters each with their own agenda and compelling back story as their fates and journeys intertwine.

With the experienced Toshihiro Nagoshi at the reigns (he worked on all previous incarnations of the franchise) expect for of the intrinsically Japanese gameplay as you move from kicking arse, to karaoke, to fishing to more fisticuffs, as you take apologies from those you’ve laid waste to…

Have a gander at the sexified screens below as they depict the brutal fisticuffs and showcase the three new playable characters, Akiyama, Saejima and Tanimura respectively.

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Dave Kozicki

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