News: We’re on the radar!!!!!

Following the same thread of awesome that the beta version of our podcast Platforms did at its inception on the Geek Actually network, so too does the newly realised gold version of DLC-Live hit stride! What the fuck am I on about, you ask? Glad you did. After launching the revamped podcast last week, and starting up a brand spanking new iTunes listing to support it a funny little thing happened…

We gots some recognition…and NOT for our Ebonics either, yo!

We made it onto the iTunes “New and Noteworthy” section. This gives us an opportunity to reach a whole new range of listeners (other than prevailing upon our current chatroom renegades to pay it forward) as we buff out the kinks. We’ve already got a few listener comments up there, and urge you if you’ve checked out the show, and have a spare minute, to find us at DLC-Live on iTunes and give us a rating or review so we can keep the ball rolling.

This has been a DLC-Live Public Service Announcement..

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Dave Kozicki

Shotgun Samurai
Video game reviewer, presenter and enthusiast. Film and TV-aholic. Pop culture geek. T-shirt and sneaker addict. All around nice guy and one hell of a sexy beast. Writer for Official PlayStation Magazine AU, AusGamers and Hyper Magazine.
  • popshott

    Glad to see it guys. Give yourselves a pat on the back!

  • Nachos Justice

    This story title has more exclamation marks than the cover of a DH magazine…

  • DoGM3At


  • kozeeii

    For real?????
    You think????
    You're a dickhead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Where am I?

  • kozeeii

    On a computer?

  • popshott

    On the internet at