News: Top 10 Videos of E3

So E3 has been open to the pubic now and the floor show is in full swing. With this comes all the footage us nerds could possibly dream of and it becomes a daily mission to keep up with all the footage that is on all of the major sites and all of the news sites updating faster than the human eye can read. Well never fear, we here at DLC have assembled 10 of the must see videos of this years E3.

Watch and enjoy!10) MGS:RISING – Though the game is built on the same engine as MGS 4 and the controls seem a little awkward the game itself looks to have the humour and style that will sit nicely with the fans.

9) Kinect Star Wars – Ok, any geek should have spend at least SOME of their childhood pretending to be a Jedi, this is going to fill that void.

8 ) Gears 3 – Look, its gears.. you like it or you don’t, but for fans it looks amazing!

7) Kirby’s Epic Yarn – This is what Nintendo does best! Creative, but that great classic gameplay Nintendo does so so well… and its Co-Op!

6) Dead Space 2 – More great dead space action with a great dementia aspect to add to the horror.

5) Twisted Metal – When you have watched this, go watch the end of Sony’s presentation. Its just pure multiplayer magic.

4) Medal of Honor – Call of duties speed combined with dice’s vision. Pure win!

3) Bulletstorm – FPS needs a new serious sam. This could be the answer.

2) Kid Icarus – When you think that this is on a hand held console.. Its really quite impressive!

1) Force Unleashed 2 – Don’t talk… Just watch..

So What do you think? Any you would add? Any you would disagree with?

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  • popshott

    – Medal of Honor –

    It's just going to be like mw2. Short ass single player and all action on multilayer.

  • Alpheon

    Infamous 2. Can't wait for it <3

  • Northy179

    I thought the portal 2 trailer was pretty epic :P and the bulletstorm gameplay is just unreal :D bet we will have to import it though

  • DoGM3At

    just the way i like it

  • popshott

    yea… no.

  • popshott

    the guy from Force Unleashed makes chuck Norris look like a bitch.

  • kozeeii

    It's going to be nothing like MW2 for 2 reasons… (1) I'll actually play it (2) It will have decent multi-player. Please don't compare what DICE do to Infinity Ward, chalk and cheese

  • popshott

    I guess we will all find out on the release date.

  • Stubby

    Kid Icarus…. HELL YEAH!!! and that's first gen 3DS game. Imagine what they'll do with that puppy!!! But FORCE UNLEASHED 2 ……. holy shit!!!! Why can't George make movies like that!! that one vid made a meal of 1,2 and 3 in 5 five minutes!!!

  • Sidawg

    Where the fuck is Gran Turismo 5.

  • ko-zee-ii

    What the fuck is Gran Turismo 5?
    We only cover good games here dude