News: Get some posse, with Red Dead Redemption tomorrow

Given the current trend of downloadable content costing the earth and offering very little in return, it pleases me to announce that them dudes over at Rockstar are given everyone a little something for nothing. Tomorrow all you gunslingers will be able to skin yer smoke-wagons with three other compadres, banditos or lawmen, as Red Dead Redemption brings four player co-operative play into the mix with the release of the “Outlaws to the End” Mission Pack.

This is a pretty hefty little batch of content, containing six unique missions with two levels of difficulty, revive and respawn mechanics as well as new medals and XP to be earned, all with three mates along for the ride. We’ll drop a trailer for it tomorrow with a much more detailed breakdown of the missions and character load outs… but for now, these new screens should sate you.

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Dave Kozicki

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  • Bagmup

    People still play this?

  • popshott

    I say the same thing about mw2.

  • Bagmup

    Almost as sad as the Valve whore fanboys you still think a new Half life will be made lololololol, theres no money left for game development cos of the cafeteria bill caused by that fatass Gabe.

  • PSIress

    this made me lol.