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Nintendo began their presentation they way most journalists expected, with games we’d seen or predicted were coming and speeches on how well they had done as a company over the past year. What none of us expected the second half of this year’s stage event would literally blow us away. Anyone who knows me knows that Nintendo’s path of late has left me a jaded fanboy and I went into this presentation forgetting the core reason I loved the console in the first place… games. Nintendo was ready to remind me of what they do best.The first title of the show came as no surprise to us. The New Zelda demo was neither ground breaking or  much of a step away from what we already knew. Hope started to dwindle almost immediately, and as Shigeru Miyamoto stood waving a Wii-mote awkwardly speaking  of controller accuracy as the onscreen display showed us nothing of the sort, many of us let of a disappointed sigh.

After glossing over NBA Jam and they proceeded to show a new Mario Sports Mix game for Wii containing Volleyball, Hockey, Basketball and Dodgeball that is going to be a party game hit for sure.
After rattling off some stats, Wii Party was announced, looking like a re-branded version of the well known Mario party series with Mii’s instead of the usual assortment of Mario staples. The game will, however, have over 70 mini games, so I guess that’s something. Just Dance  2 was up next and just seemed a waste of time after Microsoft’s Dance Central presentation yesterday. Viva la Dance Dance Revolution!

Now this is where gears began to shift. As a fan of JRPGs, Golden Sun: Dark Sun has been on my radar for quite some time now, and I got what I expected from the first footage, a reason to dust off my DSI and bury myself in some “old school cool”.

Then they broke out the big guns. Goldeneye‘s announcement was a surprise that thawed some of the ice from my now frozen heart. Graphically it looked awesome and the play style (once I get past my hatred for Wii FPS) looks to be a solid step towards reinventing this timeless classic with all the expected multi-player fun kept intact.

Epic Mickey was a huge surprise for me as the article in Game Informer really doesn’t do the game justice. Visually it was probably the highlight of the entire show, with locations from famous Disney films and cartoons, as well as great throw backs to the origins of Disney itself. A special mention needs to go out for the great 2D platforming sections between levels as well. Character models are just amazing, with detail rarely seen on the Wii console before and Mickey’s new “paint and paint thinner” abilities give the game an original feel that could possibly make it the next Psychonauts.

Nintendo kept the titles rolling out with Kirby’s New Yarn which wins out on style alone. The graphics were neat, keeping a 2D feel but creating a bizarre style of visuals and controls that really need to be seen to be believed.

Metroid: Another M blew me away. Its a rare thing for me to say that controls on the Wii actually seem to work well, but the first Wii Metroid game was one of the few FPS’s that worked on the console and the incorporation of the 3rd person sections and deep storyline spoke volumes for the game’s potential.

Nintendo had one last Wii surprise up its sleeve, with a great trailer for Donkey Kong Country Returns and plays heavily to its strengths with a great look and an insane pacing. No crappy swing mechanic or drum set this time, just classic side scrolling action, DK style.

The message was clear, gaming is Nintendo’s the focus for this year, and the line up looks incredibly strong.

But Nintendo wasn’t finished yet. We’d seen the rumored pictures, seen concept designs and talked possibilities. Now it was time for Nintendo to show off the 3DS, and it was nothing short of impressive.

The 3DS has all the functionality leaked earlier this week (larger top screen, Wii graphics chip, motion sensor and gyro), but a few functions were previously unheard of. Like an inbuilt 3D camera, an analog pad (not stick)  and (I called this) 3D movie support. The unit also has an automatic Wi-Fi system that will find and use any wireless spots it can to perform updates and the like even when the unit is asleep (Skynet anyone?).
As a taste of what’s to come, Nintendo showed off its first 3DS title Kid Icarus – Uprising which was a crowd favourite boasting Wii graphics, good controls and a range of large open venues both on land and inflight.

Nintendo concluded the show with a video of developer reactions (all positive, of course) and then announced a large slab of titles currently at work on 3DS, these included:

  • 3d Nintendogs and cats
  • Saints Row
  • DJ Hero 3D
  • Resident Evil
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Ridge Racer
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Kingdom Hearts

And that was the end of the show. Nintendo finished in style by flooding the stage with attractive girls tethered with 3DS’ for all the attendees to have a looksee (at the console, of course) and opened five booths for people to have hands on.

I have to hand it to Nintendo.hWat was shown was exactly what we have been asking for, for a long time now. Less odd and complicated “innovation” and more solid, fun, playable titles.

Well done Nintendo!

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