News: E3 Microsoft Wrap Up

Well, it’s official. E3 has launched with Microsoft first out of the gate leading strong with their keynote presentation live at 3:30am Australian time.

It’s now 5am in Australia and we at DLC stayed up so you don’t have to. Here’s our wrap up on what happened on the Microsoft stage.

The formula was very similar to last year as Microsoft kicked off with a new trailer for COD:Black ops before breaking into a small section of gameplay that filled me with a little more hope than I originally had. The darker tone that Treyach had been promising was certainly there, but in all it wasn’t a mind-blowing start.

Next to the stage was Hideo Kojima for a brief meet and greet before a presenter gave us a sneak peak of the new Metal Gear Solid: Rising, rife with standard Kojima humor intact. It looks intriguing, with a much faster, more action packed feel, which is a far cry from the stealthy style of previous MGS titles. The engine looks the same, with the addition of environment damage and a decent amount of gore to boot. Swordplay seems to have some level of  directional cutting for Raiden’s Katana blade, appearing unique, if not a little awkward looking… Still its too early to judge.

Next came crowd favorite Cliff Bleszinski to take us through a  four player co-op section of Gears of War 3, with particular focus on showing off the new female COGS, a devastating new charge attack and a huge range of new enemies. These included a mutated tentacle locust that could spray fire, a locust that grows into a plantlike creature spitting forth multiple small tickers and a new variation of an old enemy, the lambent berserker. One thing seemed apparent, the engine has had a complete overhaul. Graphics looked a bit crisper and movement was much more fluid. The final announcement from Cliffy B was a new mode that will be demoed at E3 called “Beast Mode”.

Peter Molyneux was up next with a quick by the numbers trailer for Fable III and was gone as quickly as he came… Thank the gods!

Keeping the hits on coming was a new partnership announcement between Microsoft and Crytek for Codename Kingdom and as the trailer showcases, it appears to be a gladiator like game, no doubt filled with bloody havoc.

Halo Reach took us through some of its single-player action and even though it still looks very much like another Halo game, credit must be given for the scope and draw distance. It feels less sluggish than its predecessors and runs closer to the speed of a standard FPS, which has always been one of my main gripes with the franchise. A few new features included a grenade launcher and an awesome new third person camera for takedowns, which looks brutal.

The next cab off the rank was an announcement for ESPN functionality that would be free for all Xbox Live members (limited to US users). This will be another thing users outside America will pine for, and probably miss out on entirely.

Kinect (the recently renamed Natal) stole the rest of the show, starting off with a demo on its use for daily tasks like logging on using its camera, voice recognition support and live chat functions, including body tracking and video sharing. Then it was all about the games.

Kinectimals is a kid’s game that is kind of like a Nintendogs but allows players to interact with a range of different animals using physical actions and voice commands. It looks to have a promising attraction for kids, boasting over 30 activities to perform with your furry little friends.

Kinect Sports was Rare’s answer to Wii Sports and shamelessly flaunts its similarities by giving players a range of games to play including Soccer, Bowling, Track and Field, Table Tennis, Boxing and Volleyball.

Next was Joyride which, at first glance is a simplified and average looking version of Mario Kart.

Kinect Adventures was by far the best of the party games shown. With its awesome auto join system, literally, allowing players to just walk up and enter a game already in progress, a photo mode that takes pictures throughout levels so players can see themselves in various stupid poses and games that actually look both original and interesting for a change.

Ubisoft kept the ball rolling with Your Shape, a typical but incredibly in depth personal training system with Boxing, Kung Fu running, a cardio coaching system and some of the best scanning systems we have seen yet.

MTV and Harmonics showed off Dance Central which looked amazing. Great graphics, over 600 moves to master and a cool mode called “Break it down” which allows players to work out each move individually and then string them together once mastered.

Lucas Arts demoed a new untitled Star Wars game that seems to be a lightsaber equivalent of the lightgun games. That said, it has been a dream of many gamers to run around with a saber and force powers and this demonstration contained both.

Last but not least, was Turn 10 showing an unnamed Forza styled title allowing players to walk up and preview cars with an incredible level of detail before just opening up the car and starting the engine, which looked amazing.

The date was then announced for the Kinect device saying it will launch on Nov 4 for US customers with no word as to the rest of the world as yet, and will boast 15 titles on launch.

In closing, the rumors were finally put to rest with Xbox announcing its new console (spoken about on this week’s Platforms podcast) retailing at the same price as the current console but having a 250Gb HDD and built-in wireless capabilities. This will ship out today according to MS. We’re not sure if that applies to AUS/NZ.

And there you have it! Post comments below… we’re off to bed.

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  • adin75

    Not very exciting was it? Looks like Kinect is going to be revolutionary doesn't it? IMO a bit of a 'meh' line-up. This new xbox could interest me though…….

  • PSIress

    Only thing that interests me was black ops and rising, rest was meh. Over kinect already.

  • popshott

    I hope black ops is the last call of duty game.

  • Wolvieboy

    I love how MS is revolutionising games, by ripping off Nintendo…. Now, if only Nintendo would rip off MS by bringing out some GOOD games.

    btw @PSIress, Gears 3 doesn't excite you?

  • Northy179

    w00t, Halo starfox… i mean reach!!! yay!!! do a barrel roll!

  • Northy179

    Gears still excites people? 1 was great, 2 was meh, 3 will also be meh

  • PSIress

    what northy said, I liked the first two but they weren't nothing special in my opinion. Probably play the third if three other friends get it.

  • Nexus81

    Ok information overload! Just finished watching EA and Ubisoft shows today! Microsoft's show was good and will be happy playing with GOW 3 and MGS Rising when arrive next year. As for Kinect I would choose that over PS Move and the Wii anyday! It is better to have full body movement rather than being restricted to having an attachment put on your hand or wrist. It's also nice to have a new XB360 but I'll stick with what I got for now and buy the 250GB HDD separately.

  • popshott

    Does there really need to be a gears 3?

  • Ashlee Adams

    I was thoroughly impressed with all the Kinect stuff! Halo Reach looked pretty amazing too.

  • kozeeii

    I will be playing the living shite out of Gears 3…can't wait for that puppy

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  • thrillho

    gears three will be awesome!!!! i will be finishing it in one sitting even if it kills me damnit!

  • kozeeii

    You can be my wing(man?) anytime homegirl!

  • Stubby

    I can't believe the slim is being dropped on us in 2 WEEKS!!!!! Thanks for the heads up microsoft…..