News: Contra… or not?

When is a return not a return? When a game is not actually being continued at all…

Wait, I’ve confused you…

Well good, because now you know how we felt when we found out this news.

Today the first information came through on the new title to continue the Contra series which is well known by old school fans as one of the hardest games ever created..

Konami is releasing the new title for XBLA and PSN called Hard Corps: Uprising as what they are calling a “spiritual sequel” to the Contra series… okay, so its not all new, the main villain from Contra: Hard Corps, Colonel Bahamut, will star as the games main character and will still be Contra in gameplay.

Hard Corps: Uprising will feature co-op mode, both over the net and offline, classic Contra power-ups such as the  spread-beam gun, alien attackers and a giant wall for the boss level (fans know what I mean).

In true Contra tradition, one bullet will kill you dead in Arcade Mode, but for the less hardcore a new ‘Rising Mode’ will let you take three hits (which is still going to be challenging, trust me).

Hard Corps: Uprising is being developed by Arc System Works, the creators of the amazing BlazBlue game as well as the fan favourite Guilty Gear, and their style has really come through in the first screenshots giving a fresh anime look to the series that seems to work well.

The game is aiming for a winter release in America.

So old school fans… should we be worried or is there hope for this new almost-Contra title?

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