News: Co-op gunslinging comes to Red Dead Redemption

Usually the end of June is cause for extreme celebration (for those of you who don’t know, it was on the 24th day of this month, many moons ago, that ko-zee-ii was born in a secret government facility), but now there is another reason. The Red Dead Redemption juggernaut (that even I have enjoyed playing) now gives you the bonus plan… four player co-op missions…

Though details are as rare as sober Irishman, Rockstar have divulged some nuggets of information…

Called ‘Outlaws to the End’, the downloadable mission pack will be released on the 22nd of June for both Xbox Live Arcade and the PSN networks…. and IT’S FREE!

It will feature six new co-op missions as well as co-op challenges, opportunities to boost your multiplayer XP and new trophies and achievements.

I’ve made no qualms in stating my gripes with the bugs in Red Dead Redemption, even though it is an entertaining and rewarding experience, and it seems that Rockstar are actually giving something back to their loyal and immense community.

Finally… some rootin’, tootin’ four player hootin’ and a hollarin’!!!


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