WTF: Streetfighter TVs?

This one is testing the true measure of the word ‘fanboy’…A company called Roundtable Concepts has set the new bar for fan service products with their new range of LED TV’s… Streetfighter style.

Yeah, you heard me correctly, Roundtable concepts has developed streetfighter TVs, complete with your own custom character and logo at the bottom of the casing that will display a neat Streetfighter graphic for 8 seconds on startup. Cool huh? TVs are available in 32-, 40-, 42- and 46-inch sizes.

The same company can also do similar TVs with Marvel characters, and also ‘Team view’ which is a local college football teams (no NRL or AFL ones available as of yet, thank God).

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  • Stubby

    I'd so get one!!!!

  • DoGM3At

    You would too, thats the sad thing!