Video: New Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer!

Finally, we have a real trailer for Treyarch’s latest addition to the Call of Duty series…

Dave’s opinion

Proving again that you don’t need the words ‘Infinity Ward’ in your developer’s name to make an arse-kicking title, Treyarch is gearing up to show all it is the little engine that could. On the heels of the supremely underrated CoD: World at War comes the foray into the Vietnam War… CoD: Black Ops. The first teaser didn’t show much, but the second has me salivating like a dog on heat.

Josh’s opinion

I’ve got to say when you put aside the awesome set pieces and the pretty graphics, at first glance (and I do stress that point, so don’t send hate mail just yet) its just more of the same: no Vietnam, no dark story tones or crazy drug trips, just more CoD 4.

Kinda dissapointed really.

Watch for yourself and comment below.

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  • Snake

    To me it looks like its not set in vietnam but in several “hot spots” or wars across a certain Timeline

  • Bagmup

    Yeah, looks more like another terrorist hunt rather than just being set in the Vietnam war.

  • PSIress

    sucks, I was really hoping for another nam game :/

  • thrillho

    i'll stick to rainbow six thanks.

  • DoGM3At

    :D :D :D