Video: F3AR Point Man trailer

Following on in tone from the early teaser comes the second mix of live action and gameplay in this Point Man-heavy trailer for F.3.A.R…

Though at times it seems a bit low budget, I’m impressed with the overall look and enjoy the shaky-cam feel to it. I give huge points for outside of the box thinking and at least attempting something different (except you, Heavy Rain). The run-and-gun style perfectly mimics Point Man, though I have to grudgingly admit, if a sniper has you in his sights it’s usually “Bang. Fuck! I’m dead.”

Entertaining? Yes. In keeping with the franchise? Sure… and call me crazy, but doesn’t Point Man at times resemble a young Nic Cage?

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Dave Kozicki

Shotgun Samurai
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  • Bagmup

    Sorry, but that looked like total arse, hence why Nic Cage was in it.

    And that sniper needs lessons.

  • DoGM3At

    lol im sure you could teach him ;)

  • kozeeii

    Send him to Garnet's school of MW2 faagy campers then