Video: Alan Wake prequel chapters

Before you delve into the depths of a writer gone mad, check out the live-action prequel videos…

Joystiq is reporting the news that a six-part series has recently been released to get Xbox 360 owners excited for the soon-to-be-upon-us Alan Wake.

The six-part, live-action prequel to Remedy’s Alan Wake, Bright Falls, is now available online at Machnima’s YouTube channel (via Joystiq). The live-action series explores the events that lead up to the arrival of Alan Wake to the charming one moment, scary the next town of Bright Falls.

You’ll have to jump over to YouTube to check out all six parts (part of’s channel), but you’ll have plenty of time to watch them before Alan Wake is released on Thursday. While we cant’ embed the videos, we can offer six handy links below.

(Thanks to Shacknews for the links)

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  • Geek Actually

    After watching these, I think I want to play the game. BTW The videos are embeddable.