Screenshots: New Brink Screens

Bask in the awesomeness that is Brink! Check out these awesome hi-res images!

This game just keeps getting better and better and big thanks to Dave K for getting us these fantastic screens to show you, and of course thank you to Splash Damage, Bethesda and our good buddies over at O2A!

Thoughts guys? Awesome much?

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Dave Kozicki

Shotgun Samurai
Video game reviewer, presenter and enthusiast. Film and TV-aholic. Pop culture geek. T-shirt and sneaker addict. All around nice guy and one hell of a sexy beast. Writer for Official PlayStation Magazine AU, AusGamers and Hyper Magazine.
  • Bagmup

    Wait…Dave K is thanking himself? :P

    Agree man, this looks freakin' awesome, a new arena to kill Kozecki in heh heh

  • PSIress

    Yeah I am liking the look of this, it has my interest. Looks very fun

  • DoGM3At

    no I wrote it but i figured he deserved the credit

  • Snake

    Looking great. Any game that allows Dave K to be turned into a ko-zee-ii-bab is a good one :D and how can a game with Mirror Edge style running + guns and knives go wrong

  • kozeeii

    That's Mr Kozicki to you Tea-Baggy

  • DoGM3At