News: Splinter Cell: Conviction downloadable content

News has surfaced today on Splinter Cell: Conviction’s new DLC .The new ‘Insurgency pack’ will be for the games Deniable Ops section and will contain four new maps from various American lcations:

  • A dock in San Francisco
  • A cemetery in New Orleans
  • A prison in Portland
  • A hidden research complex in Saltlake City

Why it is important where they are I’m not sure… but anyway, the pack will come with new Achievements to unlock and will retail for $9.99 for PC or 800MP for 360. The drop date for this pack is the 27th of May.

Opinions? Is 800MP too much for four maps?

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  • Bagmup

    Tbh, i'm only holding on to this for the Ghost Recon beta.

  • Nexus81

    Nope, can't justify to spend 800MS points on 4 maps! 400MS points maybe?