News: Sony “officially” announces Killzone 3

After the HUGE announcement via scanned article, via blog, via Internet, via carrier pigeon that we discussed as a news piece on last night’s Platforms (Episode 33), Sony has today OFFICIALLY announced Killzone 3...

Apparently it kicks off right at the end of Killzone 2, with the death of Visari, the douche-bag leader of the Helghast, as Special Forces soldiers Sev and Rico teabag him vigorously. His dying gift to the ISA forces, a nuclear bomb that kablammos in Phyruss, the Helghan capital, has left you on your own with little or no chance of reinforcement or resupply. Before you can say “One Man Wolf Pack” it’s up to you to mow down the Helghan horde and complete “Mission Genocide”.

Boasting levels ten times the size of those in Killzone 2 (size doesn’t always matter), Sony is promising a range of new playgrounds to dip your wick in. There’s talk of Fallout irradiated wastelands, some Crysis inspired jungle outposts and even jaunts into space to take it to the Helghast, dare I say it, Halo style.

Though the last outing was a sumptuous feast for the eyeballs, I found the control scheme flawed, borderline retarded, and hope they’ve made some necessary adjustments, though the concept of shooting down jetpack donning enemies has me salivating like Han Solo taking aim at a Boba Fett pinata.

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Dave Kozicki

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  • Bagmup

    KZ2's controls could be changed to the cod layout but the problem was you felt like your character was in mud all the time and i read the jetpacks will allow “enhanced” jumping, not flying dangnabbit.

  • DoGM3At

    Yeah I think the slowness of the controls was the hardest thing to deal with in that game.
    seeing an enemy on screen and not having time to turn my weapon to him before coping a face full of shotgun had me rage-quitting more than once.