News: Just Cause 2 “Boom Pack” available

I know everyone is locked in their room at the moment playing Red Dead Redemption, but if you decide to take a break some time this week, new downloadable content is available for Just Cause 2.

The “Boom Pack” is available for all platforms, PC (via Steam), PSN and XBL for $1.99USD or 160 Microsft Points.

The pack contains three kick-ass weapons:

  • Quad Rocket Launcher: Two rocket launchers with two shotgun barrels attached.. .just… wow!
  • Cluster Bomb Launcher: A grenade with grenades in it
  • Air Propulsion Gun: It blows air… fast! Can be used to hurtle people and even cars sky high

Two bucks for hours of explosive enjoyment.

Now go make things go BOOM!

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