News: Halo: Reach gets a date

If you’re a Halofile (yeah, I invent words), the chances are good that you are well on top of this news, but for everyone else the latest entry in the Halo franchise has gone and found itself a date.I am, of course, referring to none other than Halo: Reach which recently had a rather impressive and addictive beta released (now closed, boo). The date, you ask? The 14th of September is the day that you should be putting a big ol’ Master Chief smiley face on. There are, as would be expected, several versions of the game on offer: the stock standard (normal folk), the limited edition (quasi-fans) and then the ever covert-able legendary edition (you wear Master Chief jim-jams to bed).

Are you excited? More importantly, for those who’ve never been Halo lovers, are you interested in taking this one for a burl?

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